Dyno Pricing

Individual Rate - Basic - $85.00/car
This is for those of you who want to know how much power your car has at the wheels. We will make three consecutive runs to establish a base line for HP and Tractive Effort (aka. torque). You will receive a print out of these three runs on one graph.

Individual Rate - Advanced - $110.00/car
Includes everything from the basic service above plus wide-band air/fuel ratio and manifold pressure/boost logging. There will be an additional graph showing both of these readings.

Dyno Rental - $150.00/hr
Either you or your ‘tuner’ are welcome to test and/or tune with assistance of a trained dyno operator. This fee includes wideband lambda, Manifold pressure and multiple EGT readings (when applicable). You will receive graphical and/or print data of any or all runs.