Chassis Dynamometer

main_srvc_dynoKTR utilizes our in-house Dyno Dynamics 4WD Low Boy dyno for diagnosis, performance, exhaust emission testing and research & development.

As a market leader, Dyno Dynamics' dynamometers are the most reliable and repeatable chassis dynos available. Their customers include the Royal Australian Air Force, Australian Armed Forces, and Toyota Motor Co. Aust.

Our Dyno Dynamics 4WD dynamometer with its 4WD Smart system supports all variations of FWD, RWD, AWD, and 4WD vehicles due to its unique ability to control speed and load to each axle independently.

By using the dynamometer we can:

  1. Diagnose more efficiently and effectively saving you time and money.
  2. Test new products such as exhaust systems for horsepower gains.
  3. Fine tune your car based on readings such as Air:Fuel ratio, Manifold Vacuum/Boost, Exhaust Gas Temperature, and Engine speed all while the car is under load.