Car Preparation

main_car_prepSafety - Vintage racing is a hobby, not a profession. Each driver is compelled to act responsibly on the track and the sanctioning organizations have rules to reinforce good behavior. KTR does its part by making sure its customers are driving cars that have been meticulously prepared, and that all safety-related equipment is properly designed and installed. These procedures can identify potential failures before they cause an incident on the track, allowing our customers to enjoy speed as well as peace of mind.

Reliability - Your time is extremely valuable. Nothing is more frustrating than having to park your race car for the weekend after spending time and money to get to the track. Due to the quality of service at KTR, our customers rarely experience this frustration. In the event that a problem develops, KTR's trackside technicians can often correct it on the spot, minimizing any loss of track time.

Performance - Our goal is to make driving your car a pleasure. KTR's technicians are experts in deriving optimum power, braking, and handling from vintage race cars. When your car achieves this level of performance, you're able to focus on improving your driving skills and enjoy your time at the track.